01 All our vehicles and warehouses are licensed by the relevant authorities and are guaranteed

02 All shipments and parcels from damage and loss to all its partners and customers

03 Or that is to ensure to our partners that we are contributors to their successes and the preservation of their rights.


 About  company

Qarnas Al-Jazirah Company for Transport, Parcel Transport and Logistics Services is a commercial facility specialized in the field of parcel transport, transport and logistics services.

Which is considered one of the most important pillars of the economy and the local, regional and global markets depend on it by investors, businessmen, factories, the retail sector and governments. QAL also has a global system that is technically supported around the clock, through a strategic partnership with it as a technical partner and with a long-term agreement.

We are working on clear strategies

We have put a lot to enhance our presence in the Saudi market and we have ideas and innovations that contribute to the completion of your business.

More details about the company

 A quick  look at the services

Our company is based on the transfer of parcels and logistics services completely at the local level and within our vision in the future to expand these services from locally to regionally and globally with continuous diversification in increasing services that serve companies and individuals alike

01 Delivery parcel

02 Refrigerated transport

03 E-commerce support

04 Storage

More details

Qirnas Al-Jazira Company operates according to the following standards and criteria:

01 Means

Qarnas Al-Jazirah relies on easy and streamlined means, innovative services and integrated solutions that guarantee speedy performance, efficient delivery and high quality until shipment delivery.

02 The system

Qarnas Al-Jazirah has an effective work system for delivering parcels, shipping products and goods, storage, physical processing and packaging to ensure product safety.

03 Quality standards

We in Qarnas Al-Jazirah have human resources at a high level of performance, professionalism and commitment to quality standards.

04 Commitment

Qarnas Al-Jazirah is committed to providing the service in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Interior – Ministry of Health – Ministry of Commerce – Food and Drug Authority – Public Transport Authority and all the competent authorities in our field.

05 Solutions

Qarnas Al-Jazirah applies, in all its works, the latest techniques, systems and software that facilitate the implementation of business and of high quality.

06 Guarantee

Qarnas Al-Jazirah guarantees all shipments and parcels from damage and loss.