Our company is based on the transfer of parcels and logistics services completely at the local level and within our vision in the future to expand these services from locally to regionally and globally with continuous diversification in increasing services that serve companies and individuals alike

01  Delivery  parcel

The packages that were contracted with our partners are delivered according to the highest standards of transportation and delivery in terms of the following:

  1. Our company owns a fleet of modern cars led by young Saudis who are trained and certified in the art of dealing in this field and to gain customer satisfaction in any case.
  2. The mechanism of receiving and delivering the parcel according to an advanced system and software in terms of tracking from receiving the shipment until its delivery to the customer and evaluating the service provider.
  3. The contracted shipments shall be delivered within the following cities:Riyadh-Jeddah-Dammam-Khobar-Jubail-Yanbu-Medina-Abha-Khamis Mushait-Hail-Qassim-Al Baha on the same day.

  4. Company guarantees all shipments and parcels from damage and loss.

02  Refrigerated  transport

The company is committed to refrigerated transport and the implementation and application of the highest specifications and standards in accordance with the regulations and regulations of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

  1. Where Qarnas Al-Jazirah launches, through its electronic platform, the application-website), a service for tracking and measuring temperature and humidity in vehicles transporting food and medicine, in addition to tracking the shipment until delivery and evaluating the service provider.
  2. Training all vehicle drivers on the art of dealing in transporting, storing and delivering the shipment (food and medicine) as it should.
  3. The refrigerated transport service, food and medicine are subject to an independent and specialized management to ensure that the shipment goes directly to the delivery site and to ensure that it is delivered in accordance with the regulations and regulations of the Food and Drug Authority and to provide each vehicle with a smart camera and direct broadcast by the shipment sender until delivery.
  4. In the event that the shipment is not received, it remains in Qirnas Al-Jazira warehouses, which are subject to the highest standards and quality standards for food and drug storage.

03 Storage

The company applies the highest levels of specifications, standards and quality, mainly in storage operations, through the following stages:

  1. The flow of parcels, merchandise and products into the warehouse.
  2. Receiving parcels, goods and products, inventorying, sorting, coding, numbering and organizing them according to each product, where food and drug products are stored and the competent authorities, including the temperature and humidity measurement program and environmental performance measurement.
  3. Qarnas Al-Jazirah applies a modern technology that enables the senders and receivers of the shipment to follow it from the time it enters the warehouses until its delivery.

  4. Qarnas Al-Jazira guarantees all shipments and parcels from damage and loss to guarantee the rights of our partners and customers.

04  Electronic stores  management

Managing electronic stores by drawing up the store’s operational plan and following up the process of its implementation, and implementation in a way that ensures raising the level of service operations and ensuring that the store’s supply chains are secured and not affected, especially during advertising campaigns and seasons.